This Reusable Foaming Soap Lasts Longer Than My Other Hand Soaps and Doesn’t Dry Out My Skin

published Sep 30, 2021
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In my home, hand soap is one thing I rarely run out of. I typically have a giant refill bottle ready to replenish a beloved soap or an extra soap bottle waiting under the counter to replace one that’s soon to run out. All that plastic really adds up after a while. Sure, having the big bottle of soap to use for refills is great, but once it’s gone, that’s still another bottle headed for the trash. The more zero-waste products I’ve been using for other cleaning at home, the more conscious I’ve become, and that’s how Petal came into my life. The brand makes an all-natural, refillable, foaming hand soap that’s just as fun to make as it is to use. It even has its own Starter Kit!

The Petal Starter Kit comes equipped with everything necessary for a new bottle of hand soap. In the box, there’s a surprisingly lightweight aluminum bottle and a canister of four soap pods. The bottle itself is sleek and understated. It comes in three colors that will mix to match the decor of any room that it’s in. At this time, there are two soap scents available: lemongrass and citrus ginger. With so many lemony fragrances around my home as is, I chose citrus ginger to kick off my Petal journey.

“Making” the soap is quick, easy, and fun! All you have to do is fill the bottle up to the line marked on the outside with warm water, drop in a Petal Pod, and shake it for no less than 60 seconds to create the foaming soap. I know firsthand how challenging it can be to fill containers with indicators on the outside instead of inside, but with Petal, you’ll know the right place to stop. Because the bottle is made of thin aluminum, you can place your fingers where the line is and feel the warm water rising inside of the bottle. Don’t worry about being exact as long as you’re close to it. 

Additionally, keep in mind that it needs to be warm water. Using water that’s too hot will heat up the bottle so it’s hard to handle, and cold water won’t dissolve the film on the pods to make the soap. Each pod makes soap for 8.5 ounces of water, which is approximately the amount found in a standard bottle of everyday hand soap. 

Credit: PETAL

If all the steps have been followed correctly, then you’ll end up with lightly scented bubbly foam! I’ve always enjoyed foaming soaps but never took the leap in buying one for myself, so Petal was a great start for me! I use quite a bit of zero-waste products nowadays and the anti single-use element of Petal products was a MAJOR plus in my book. There was nothing I had to throw away. The box it arrived in was recyclable (as are the Petal Pod canisters and soap bottle), and four soap pods are enough to last for at least two months. I’m a month into using Petal foaming soap and I’m still on my first pod. The bottle is still about halfway full, so I have a lot of hand-washing days ahead of me!

The Petal hand soap has lasted longer than other soaps I typically use, which also happen to come in a slightly smaller containers (but only by an ounce). I find myself using less soap at once when it’s in foam form rather than liquid. I also use less water since the foaming soap lathers on its own. Most importantly, outside of cleaning my hands effectively, the Petal hand soap doesn’t dry out my skin. I still apply hand cream out of habit, but I noticed that my hands didn’t feel stripped of moisture after washing them with Petal soap. I’d definitely recommend it to fellow foaming soap lovers out there who are looking for an option that doesn’t use plastic. Petal smells good without being overwhelming, it’s simple to make, and cleans just as it should. It’s a win all around!

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