Pets At The Party: How To Manage

Pets At The Party: How To Manage

Beth Zeigler
Nov 12, 2009

111209petparty-01.jpgWe're big fans of having our pets around at a party. Additionally, our guests know they're always welcome to bring their dog along for the eventful eve. That being said, one step of our party prepping process is pet-proofing our home to prevent any major catastrophe.

  • If you are invited to a party and want to bring your dog, check with the host first to make sure it's ok. In Los Angeles, where almost everyone owns a dog, it's usually the norm to bring Fido along. But the host may have boarded her pooch last minute or is not mentally prepared to host an animal. It's always a safe bet to get permission first.
  • As the host of many gatherings, we always make sure to trim our pets claws before guests arrive. While we don't anticipate our anti-social cat mingling with the guests, trimming claws beforehand makes us feel less stressed.
  • Fix up a cozy spot in the bedroom for your furry friend and move all necessary items your pet may need throughout an evening (litter box, water bowl, etc). Your pet will feel safe and secure, especially if they don't have to go wandering into the main living area where all the guests are gathered.
  • Dog-proof the eating areas to prevent food from going missing. Display food where it's unreachable to pets--otherwise, you'll may have an Epic Entertaining Disaster on your hands.
  • Pick up some pet treats from the store before your big event. We've noticed that guests love feeding our dog human food (which can be a detrimental and cause an upset stomach). Having pet treats on hand will allow guests to give in to your begging pooch and keep you stress-free.
  • At a large party, everyone may not be aware that your dog or cat will make a beeline outdoors if given the chance. Make sure to tape a sign on the front door letting guests know to keep the door closed due to a pets possible escape. If your pet is behind closed doors in the bedroom, stick a sign on that door as well--when pets are concerned, you can never be too safe.
  • If your anxiety levels are high and you're worried that it may be too stressful for your pet with a surplus of guests, you can always board them at your trusted animal hospital. The relief knowing your pet is safe and sound is priceless.

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