Philips' Cinema TV Spotted in the Wild

Philips' Cinema TV Spotted in the Wild

Anthony Nguyen
Jun 29, 2011

Do you guys remember the Philips Cinema 21:9 aspect ratio TV announced back in 2009? We'll admit we were pretty stoked when we first heard about it, but it hasn't really caught on (even much less so than 3D). Thus, how surprised we were to finally see a shot of it featured in this Austin city residence earlier this month.

Why the hesitant adoption? Our best guess is that while the 21:9 seems suited for movies filmed in that native format, the majority of the things we watch on the big screen vary from TV shows to video games to AppleTV photo album screensavers.

For $4800, we think most people know better to invest in something that only caters to 5% of what they actually do. Sorry cool-factor, but practicality and content win in this contest.

We certainly dig the long bookshelf, however. It makes the Philips Cinema feel right at home in that space.

What do you think of the 21:9 format? Do you think it ever catch on?

(Images: Bolig Magazine)

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