Concept: Philips Incredible Linked Biosphere Home Farming

Concept: Philips Incredible Linked Biosphere Home Farming

Range Govindan
Aug 19, 2009

When you are living in the suburbs or the country side, it's easy to grow your own food. Veggies like tomatoes and some fruits like apples tend to grow quite easily. However, the closer you move to a city, the harder it gets. It's just the lack of green space. Not a lot of people have access to huge gardens in the city center. That's where this concept from Philips tries to help out allowing people to grow their own food, no matter where they are located.

Philips came up with this self-sufficient autonomous mini farm. This somewhat futuristic kitchen concept will help produce part of the foods needed by a family living in an apartment. It will make fish, vegetables, plants, and algae work together in order to sustain itself. This mini biosphere system will produce filtered water, gas, and food using kitchen garbage.

One thing that this concept doesn't use is electricity. It uses the energy of the sun, as well as organic garbage so that different little ecosystems are able to function together. The first two levels contain different plants. Next, there are algae followed by fish and shrimp. The last layer uses organic garbage. Apparently, this system can produce some veggies, as well as different fish and shellfish fit for consumption. It also produces methane gas, which can be harnessed to power your kitchen.

Sounds like an amazing thing, if it can be made. We think that this concept addresses the urban farming problem. With something like this, it could be easy for people living in the city to grow their own foods. We like how all biospheres in this mini farm are harnessed to produce something useful, from plants to natural gas.

[via TrendsNow]

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