Phone Books: Useful or Wasteful?

Phone Books: Useful or Wasteful?

Sarah Han
Jan 9, 2009

Did you get your 2009 phone book? What's a phone book, you ask? Oh, it's something that you might still come across and use, like a phone booth and a library card catalog. What are those, you ask?...
Most of you probably will never actually use a phone book this year. We were really sad to see a whole pile of plastic wrapped phone books sitting in rows outside the apartment buildings and homes on our block. It's so terribly wasteful, but continue reading after the jump to find out why we were thankful we brought in our new copy of the phone book.

Most phone books come with pretty cool and valuable coupons in the front and/or back pages of it. In San Francisco, we found two pages worth of coupons for a whopping 20% off at Rainbow grocery (yes!), a 50% off coupon for one item of $30 and under from Cole Hardware, and for a free household compost bin (the exact one we were going to buy for $10 online!) from Sunset Scavenger.
It's rare we find a time to use the phone book for its actual purpose, but last year, we cracked open our dusty phone book when we had a power outage in our apartment building. Unable to connect to the internet, we were glad to have an alternate source for finding the PG&E power outage number.
We were also into some of the ideas for old phone books that DIY Life suggested, including storing a phone book in the trunk of your car, for when you're out and about and need to know the address of a business you don't often frequent.

Still not convinced? To stop the delivery of phone books to your residence, call the following:

AT&T/YellowPages (formerly SBC and Bell South): (800) 792-2665

Verizon (Idearc): (800) 888-8448

Dex: (877) 243-8339

Yellow Book: (800) 373-3280 or (800) 373-2324

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