The Photo Demo Booths of CES

The Photo Demo Booths of CES

Chris Perez
Jan 20, 2012

Exhibitors at CES brought all the latest and greatest digital cameras and video recorders to Las Vegas for all the world to see. Rather than just put all that tech behind glass though, many exhibitors put up some great elaborate displays and booths for attendees to test out their new optical gear. Here are some of our favorites from the show...

Lights. Camera. Action.

Panasonic Lumix Booth
Pink Out! The Panasonic Lumix booth featured a couple soccer gals dressed in neon pink ensembles kicking soccer balls of the same hue. The purple light cast of the booth, complemented with the bright green grass and a soccer field backdrop helped simulate shooting a live action game at night. Such a setup helps show off the camera's low light capability, and fast shutter speed features. The setup added extra pop and dynamic movement to impress the crowd.

Panasonic 3D Booth
Just around the corner was another Panasonic booth. This time 3D video cameras were setup around what may appear like your local coffee shop. The setup had several layers of depth from the fiesta colored coffee mug backdrop, to some women seated offset from another across a table with various items loaded with detail. This scene was trying to show how you can find the fantastic from the mundane. The 3D captures for the cameras were impressive, and really showed off the amount of realism that can be achieved with the tech.

Sony Alpha Booth
Sony did a couple things with its photo booth — set an interesting scene with several interesting elements and promote its new summer blockbuster Men in Black 3. The set featured a pinboard of fantastic artwork, as well as some three-dimensional alien concept models from the film. Also on the booth were various set props, moving mobiles and makeup accessories used to transform the actors into these creatures of another realm. Not overly bright, this booth showcased the Sony Alpha camera's ability to do it all. Capture wide and telephoto shots with crisp intricate detail of the static and dynamic.

JVC Booth
Drama was the mood here, as a dilapidated but familiar street scene served as the backdrop for JVC's line of light catchers. The lengthy set allowed great super-wide panaromas to be captured with the point-and-shoots, while demoing the smooth pan-and-scan of its prosumer line of video recorders. The lighting and atmosphere made it feel like you were shooting a scene from the remarkable film, Life is Beautiful.

Nikon 1 Booth
Last, but definitely not least was the super-fun and hip booth from Nikon. With models wearing elaborate and bright costumes, it made the consumer feel like a pro who just got hired for an expensive music video shoot. This was so well executed, I almost expected Katy Perry to roll out in her cupcake best and sing California Girls. Beautiful, Vivid, Bright, Amazing and Interesting. Nikon somehow managed to take all the great adjectives you might hear from a photo and get them assembled in one brilliant shot. Quite fitting for the Nikon 1, wouldn't you say?

All Photos by Chris Perez

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