Photo Giveaway Winner: MeredithM.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

She had us at pigtails. MeredithM. included a wonderful description and explanation for her favorite photo in last week’s giveaway.

The photo, which she has blown up and hung in her home, is even more adorable than we imagined. We hope MeredithM. enjoys her prize — a $500 gift certificate with Bug and Bean Photography. You can read her winning comment in its entirety after the jump.

My favorite photo is a picture of my twin sister and me eating a box of cheerios, wearing plaid dresses, hair in pigtails, sitting on a huge white wicker chair in front of a fireplace. You see, we were about five at the time and my mother took pictures of us eating cheerios for a contest (I believe it was named the small fry contest…something like that). Needless to say, we were disqualified – only one kid per picture…My mother knew the rules but thought it would be just plain wrong to separate us and how could they discriminate? – I know, I know…it’s really funny to me how my mother’s mind worked. Well, I cherish the picture because it captures our innocence and happiness. It’s one of the few pictures of us at that age that you could tell us apart because our personality is really apparent in the picture. I’m giggling with my arm shoved half way down the box and Lauren (my twin sister) has the sweetest look on her face – so kind hearted – that’s my sister. The picture is blown up, poster board size in my living room. I’m 27 now and Lauren just found out that she is pregnant – Time goes by so quickly it seems and photographs are so important. It’s so easy to look at that picture and be instantly transported back in time. They tell a story, they tell a piece of history, they capture a precious moment in time.

Congratulations, MeredithM.! And thank you to everyone who left a comment — making the decision very tough for our team!