Art on the Web

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Maybe Bill Gates was right…. Years ago, Mr. Gates said that we would one day get all our artwork digitally (his company? Corbis). Though I am still a skeptic, caught my eye as a service that could cross the boundary from business to personal when it comes to looking for beautiful work to put on your wall. For a flat fee ($299 for a year) you can download as many pictures from their library as you want (well, 250 a day). The library holds 30,000 pictures and their search engine is excellent. I know the price isn’t chump change, but I have a number of clients who are looking for different places to find art, and I think this idea is worth putting out there. You could pay just as much for a nice frame. MGR

Every subscription gives you download access to 100,000 premium royalty-free stock photos for the duration of your subscription, including 30,000 exclusive to Each photo is available in three sizes, up to 6″ x 8″ at 300 dpi. Subscribe to