Pick the Morning Routine That's Right For You...and Give It a Try Tomorrow

Pick the Morning Routine That's Right For You...and Give It a Try Tomorrow

Shifrah Combiths
Aug 6, 2015

Mornings - whether they're hard or easy, whether you're a morning person or not - tend to set the tone for the rest of the day. Don't let them happen to you; make them happen, the way you want them to. Here are a few ways, depending on your goal for the morning, to get that worm.

The Time-Saving Routine

The time-saving routine is good for anyone who needs to eke out as much sleep from the night as possible, and it starts the night before. The goal is to not do anything in the morning that can be done the night before. This includes packing lunch, picking out your clothes (including shoes and accessories), and packing your bag. Everything that must be done in the morning, such as grooming and eating breakfast, should be done in the same order every day so as to eliminate as much thought and variation as possible. Basically, the idea is to reduce your morning routine to automatic mode. Example: out of bed, brush teeth, dress in already-picked outfit, make bed, eat breakfast, pour coffee into to-go mug, don shoes, grab bag, out the door.

The Come-Home-to-a-Clean-House Routine

To avoid facing the resulting chaos of a hurried morning when you come home, make sure you have enough time to deliberately do the following: wash breakfast dishes, clear counters of anything used for packing lunch, make your bed every day, and complete the cycle for items and products you use for your grooming routine, i.e., put them away. All other areas of the house should be picked up the night before; it's the only way to start the day fresh. This way, you'll only have to take care of what gets out of order in the morning and you'll come home to a house that's ready to give you a restful afternoon and/or evening.

The Peaceful Routine

This routine is for those who don't want to rush around in the morning but who want time for something that fills them up for the day ahead. If you don't mind doing tasks and chores in the morning, get up early enough to perform them at a leisurely pace. I personally prefer to do as much as I can the night before (see the Time-Saving Routine above) so that when I do get up early, I can use the time for taking care of my own body, soul, and spirit in the morning. Think of what gives you peace in the morning and do what you need to do to make time for that. Pro tip: If I don't manage to get up before everyone else, sometimes I hide from everyone in the closet with my coffee and devotional, just for a few minutes.

The Forget-It-Not Routine

In addition to everything else that needs to come together to get everyone out the door dressed and fed, there's often a flurry of paperwork that needs to be signed, sometimes accompanied by money of some sort (this is especially true if you have kids). Or, there's the dry cleaning that needs to be dropped off, the birthday gift for the co-worker, or your gym bag for the workout you're determined to do after work. If you're the forgetful type, which, let's face it, sometimes goes along with the misplaced-it type (Where are the keys?? Where did I put my sunglasses? Honey, can you call my phone for me? I can't find it!), get all your stuff together the night before. This leaves you a buffer of time that's unfuddled by rushing to remember what you need for the morning.

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