Picking and Choosing the Best Smart Phone Plan

Picking and Choosing the Best Smart Phone Plan

Jason Rodway
Nov 18, 2011

We've all had our ups and downs with our phone providers with or without cables. No matter how you look at it, it's a price we must pay. Commitments with our cell phone contracts rarely end so when that time comes we see it as an exciting opportunity for change. Whether you're a smart phone veteran or new to the realm of apps and mobile computing, picking a new phone and plan could either serve to save money or expand your mobile experience. We all want to make every dollar work for us. After all a cell phone contract is like a relationship, there is a lot of give and take. So which provider and plan best fits you? There's plenty of fish in the sea so here's a run down of what the best has to offer.

Best Talk/Text Plan

T-Mobile edges out with their Classic Unlimited Plus that offers unlimited talk and text and 2GB of data for $80/month. This plan is perfect for feeling out the capabilities of a smart phone since it provides data and value. It should be noted that iPhones are not on the menu here however there is an abundance of choice of Windows Phone 7 and Android in many manner of shapes and sizes.

Best Data Plan

In the event that talking and texting is an old school thing and a smart phone is purely about brute data consumption, there are two options. Verizon offers 10GB along with a basic phone plan comes down to $90/month total. Verizon is best known for their service and large amount of handset options (iPhone 4S now included.) But if the sky needs to be the limit, Sprint wins with their unlimited data policy which boasts absolute data with no overage along with 450 minutes and unlimited texting.

Best Coverage
A case of varying circumstance, a wholesome plan for a fair price won't mean much in areas without reception. And even in denser populated cities such as New York, Miami or Los Angeles there is the major issue of maintaining connnection. A site to help with which provider has the best service in your area is Cell Reception. For the big picture, here are the coverage maps of the major networks.


Best iPhone Plan

Three providers now have a hold on the iPhone in the US market so the options are open. So who offers the best bang for your buck? If traditional data and reliability is an important quality than Verizons $90/month is an advisable way to go. However Sprint who is new to the iPhone game provides a hefty $80/month plan which is quite balanced for the price with much to offer. Bottom line for the iPhone is if data and phone capabilities are important, Sprint isn't the best choice. For data as a priority, that's a different story. Of course, a wild card factor is coverage in your local area has to be factored in.

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