Picture Perfect Recycled Playhouse

Ohdeedoh reader Kellie had a little time on her hands and a big ol’ cardboard box. Although many of us would have kicked it out the front door and told the kids to go have some fun like our parents did back in the day, Kellie busted out the butterflies and hot glue gun!

Although kids and cats alike will play with most any empty bag or box, that doesn’t always mean it will keep them entertained for more than a few hours. If you’re looking for guaranteed all-day attention-nabbing (in case you have a project to take care of around the house), try these dressed up, recycled box that comes to life with a little bit of love.

Kellie Tate over at This Blessed Nest set to work and truly made this discarded treasure come to life. Heck, it would keep us entertained for hours, so we can only imagine the magical powers it would have over children!

• Check out more construction details here and here!

Thanks Kellie!