Pill Sized Plasma Light Bulb: Better Than Compact Fluorescent?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Extremely bright and extremely efficient are the two main benefits of an Argon filled light bulb. While a regular incandescent bulb produces 15 Lumens per watt, this Argon filled plasma light bulb produces 140 lumens per watt. To put this into perspective, this is brighter than a street lamp.

While the brightness and energy efficiency are far better than anything we have seen to date, there is still a lot of work around cost and longevity that still needs to be done in order to make it suitable for home use. What we think is the most important issue though, is refining the light output to something that more closely represents a traditional incandescent because bulb. It seems like this is one of the biggest factors for people when it comes to switching bulb types.