Pillow Keyboard: Napping and Typing All at the Same Time

Pillow Keyboard: Napping and Typing All at the Same Time

Range Govindan
Apr 3, 2009

Work can be pretty stressful. You spend most days typing away on your computer, with no end in sight. Employers like Google provide you with great places to nap, so that you stay at work longer, but what happens when you don't work in a Googleplex? Well, then maybe you can get this Russian gizmo, which is a keyboard on a pillow. That way, you can snooze a little during lunch time or after lunch and still have time to work on all of your projects.

It's common for people to use keyboards on their laps, but this is the first time that I've seen a keyboard mounted on a pillow. It's one of those rollable keyboards that has been attached to a pillow. I can't say for sure how sturdy the whole thing is, but I wouldn't mind having one around at work. In the past, people used to think that napping was bad. It's been proven that taking a short 20-30 minute nap will refresh you a lot and give you the equivalent of a few hours of nightly sleep in a compact fashion.

I've tested out naps as a student and they work pretty well. The best way to use them is to drink some coffee or tea right before taking the nap. That way, once the caffeine starts acting on your system, it wakes you up automatically in about 20-35 minutes. Variations can be used with Red Bull, energy drinks and soft drinks with caffeine. These types of naps are called power naps. You don't enter deep sleep, so you don't need to complete a full sleep cycle, which takes about 3-4 hours. That's why some people end up feeling all groggy some mornings because their sleep cycle was incomplete. That being said, there seems to be no place that's more comfortable to nap than on your desk with this great pillow keyboard.

It might sound strange, but napping is a common fact in Asia. The days are so long for students, that they all take naps right after lunch, for about 45 minutes. It's something that we should get back used to doing so that we can keep on working and studying the rest of the day. This pillow keyboard is a good idea. I just wonder how well you can type on a surface like that. Hopefully, it works well. [via Gizmodo]

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