Pillow Search: 3 Reasons to Like Buckwheat

Pillow Search: 3 Reasons to Like Buckwheat

Emily Han
Jan 8, 2010

We have been searching for eco-friendly bed pillows to replace our worn-out, synthetic ones. Here are three good reasons we're leaning towards buckwheat-filled pillows. Let us know if you have any opinions!

Comfort: Buckwheat-filled pillows are not for everyone, and there can be an adjustment period if you're accustomed to fluffy pillows. However, they're worth trying as they provide support for the back and neck. The buckwheat filling also allows for better air circulation and is cooler in warm weather. We remember sleeping very well on the buckwheat pillows at our parents' house.

Organic material: Many of the buckwheat hulls and pillows on the market, such as the ones from Serenity Pillows, are certified organic. (Some also include organic millet.) This is great for the environment and our sleeping bodies!

Less disposable: This is actually the main reason we're strongly considering buckwheat pillows. Any time they need to be refreshed, the zippered pillow cases can be emptied out and washed, and the buckwheat hulls placed in the sun before refilling. The pillows can last for years, and when the time comes, we can toss the filling in the compost and replenish with new buckwheat. Vendors like Serenity and Mountain Rose Herbs sell bulk hulls for $3.50-$4.50 per pound.

We're actually thinking of making rather than buying our pillows, using organic cotton fabric and about 5 pounds of hulls for each pillow. It's pretty self-explanatory, but there's a good TipNut tutorial for anyone who's curious.

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(Images: Serenity Pillows, Mountain Rose Herbs)

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