Pilot Handwriting Turns Your Handwriting Into A Font

Pilot Handwriting Turns Your Handwriting Into A Font

Kristen Lubbe
Jun 24, 2010

We've talked about the ability to turn your handwriting into a font before, but you had to pay for it. Not that I wouldn't be willing to pay for a service, but it's always more intriguing if you can get the same service for free! It's also helpful if that same service is free and simplified!

Pilot Handwriting (run by Pilot) is an online service that turns your handwriting into a font. It's a unique and fun process, and I'm fascinated by the idea of typing and seeing my handwriting on the screen (I actually just had a conversation about this the other day!). Of course, graphic designers have been doing this for quite some time &mdash but now it's available to everyone.

The steps to creating your handwriting font is pretty simple:

1. Log onto the Pilot Handwriting site.
2. Print the template.
3. Fill in the template with your own handwriting.
4. Use your webcam to capture an image of the template.
5. Name your font.
6. Start typing!

We decided we wanted to try this service out, so here's my experience:

First I printed out the template and filled in each square as indicated. Next, I had to capture the image via three options: webcam, scanner and digital image. I chose to use the webcam (because I don't have a scanner and I wanted instant gratification). It took me two tries to get the image lined up in the red grid that appears on the screen. They offer you a somewhat reasonable amount of time to get it lined up, but just barely.

Next, I noticed random specs in almost every box (ugh!) so I had to modify almost every letter. You can modify using an eraser or the pen tool. The only downfall to both are: the eraser is really tiny, so it takes some time to erase even just a small dot. The pen tool doesn't allow you to click to make a dot. The dot I had above the small letter j didn't show up, so I tried adding it with the pen tool. I had to actually draw in a circular motion to make a dot.

After I finished modifying each letter and symbol, I was able to save the font and get to writing! It was really neat and weird being able to type and see my handwriting. The font is slightly bolder than my regular handwriting and it appears a little sloppier, but it's certainly close enough. The message that I created can be emailed, or I can share it by connected via Facebook.

All in all, I enjoyed this service and experience and I would recommend it to others!

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