Pinatas at Home: Break In Case Of Emergency

Pinatas at Home: Break In Case Of Emergency

Tess Wilson
Feb 7, 2011

I love a home full of potential — champagne chilling in the fridge for spur-of-the-moment celebrations, a stack of boardgames for stormy nights, cupboards full of staples, space & blankets for surprise guests. I think if you are prepared for fun, fun will ensue. A graceful pinata hangs overhead, at the ready...

When Katie Merchant of thank you, ok and her partner found a delicate peach CONFETTISYSTEM pinata on sale at Drake General Store (now sold out), they snatched it up, carried it home, and installed it in their bedroom. It's filled with beautiful, ethereal hand-cut confetti, so breaking it over the bed someday would not be unreasonable. Dreamy, sexy fun.

Sandi of Oh, Sandi found a CONFETTISYSTEM pinata of her own in the trash after a party (how is this possible?! I'm so glad she rescued it!) and installed it in her dressing area. The pictures are a bit dark but I can imagine it would be lovely to get dressed surrounded by twinkly lights, a map of Paris, and an ultra-glam pinata.

I got started thinking about permanent or semi-permanent pinatas when my friend Leah presented me with a handmade striped one for my birthday. She knew I wouldn't have the heart to break it right away, so she made me a deal: I keep this one all year, and break it on my next birthday, when she will present me with a new pinata. It's a pretty sweet deal. She made several others for the opening of CHUNKS at the Houston gallery and artist residency SKYDIVE, "a group show about playful contemporary experiments with things that don't quite fall in the painting or the sculpture category". Perfect! I'm thinking of gradually filling the pinata throughout the year with (nonperishable) things that strike my fancy. By next birthday, the contents will be a surprise for me as well as for my guests!

Images: 1. Thank You, OK, 2. Oh, Sandi, 3. & 4. Tess Wilson

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