Pinboard Mania

Pinboard Mania

Chris Perez
Mar 23, 2012

You've heard of Pinterest, but how about Svpply and Fancy? Pinboards are quickly becoming the new medium through which we discover, curate, and even purchase things of interest — as well as being addictive time-killing machines. Here, we take a look at some of the players, some fun ways to use them, and lay out what each pinboard does best.

If you're not familiar with pinboards, where have you been!? Pinboard sites are basically visual collections of bookmarks — a sort of social scrapbook with clickable links. You can organize your images by categories, and best of all see what others are cataloging themselves. It's meant to be a social media, so of course there are also links to share and connect. You can follow people, boards, and categories, and have them populate your screen with rad things. Here are the three pinboards that are most popular today...

The Pop Star

What most likely started the pinboard craze is the site that seems to be rolling off everyone's tongue these days.

Pinterest will indeed keep you occupied for hours just oooohing and aaaaahing. We like to use this site for storing recipes, listing DIY projects we'd like to tackle, finding thoughtful organization solutions, and getting new home decor ideas. People also seem to use it for posting motivational messages and inspirational photos, as well as keeping tabs on new looks, hairstyles, and fashion trends. Each pin is accompanied by a thought or comment such as 'I'm totally doing this' or 'I need my space to look this organized.' The text adds an emotion or personality to the image that we can connect to. That feature alone is why Pinterest is best at storing items that aren't mere products but more abstract concepts, visuals, or ideas.

The Hip Kid

Svpply is a pinboard site that is built around things you either 'want' or 'own.' We use it to create 'sets' of modern furniture, home accessories, gadgets, or cool kicks we dig — to build a personal, browseable wish-list catalog. The text on these image links are the name of the product itself — things like 'Eames Molded Plywood Chair' or 'Retro Starburst Clock.' You'll find links to 'Buy' the product you're looking at, but we've found them to be hit or miss — rarely taking you to a valid e-tailer where you can easily pick up the item. Svpply lets you follow stores as well as people, and also has a new "Shop" section where you can window browse. Like Pinterest, it's pretty addicting, and you'll likely find a slew of creative, not-quite-mainstream things you didn't know you wanted — proceed with caution :)

The Aristocat

Fancy is the new kid in town, and tries to merge what Pinterest and Svpply do best — provide great imagery, and introduce you to new things you might 'Fancy.' You might see a gorgeous picture of a beach, a beautiful French garden, or a colorful art print, but they'll all have links to take you closer. So you can book a flight to that island, reserve a room at the hotel with the garden, or go to the site that sells that print. Sometimes the links are so well integrated you can even add to cart and checkout within Fancy itself. As its names suggest, things on this pinboard site seem to be a little more on the high-end. It can be a fun site to look at too, and is probably best for impulse type buys such as clothing or accessories.

Which pinboard site do you like best? What do you use the sites for?

(Images: Chris Perez)

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