Men in Pink

Like just the right pink shirt, pink can be a great decor color for men, too. It’s actually a beautiful color on walls (makes your skin look great) and can complement neutral browns and grays quite nicely:

From Future Perfect owner David Alhadeff’s bachelor pad in pepto to the tweedy earthy pink in image 5, pink can definitely suit a man very well.

If these pinks are too much, you can even consider a white paint with pink tinges to make a room just a little warmer than an icy cool white. As a matter of fact, we just moved into a home where the (male) homeowner had painted all of the walls the softest of pink. You don’t walk in and think “pink”, you just think “warm”.

**Right when I finished writing this post, I returned to my home page ( only to find this image looking back at me. Perhaps a bit of a cheesy example, but it just goes to show that men in pink are everywhere!:

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
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