7 Things You Never Ever Clean (But Really Should at Some Point)

7 Things You Never Ever Clean (But Really Should at Some Point)

Dabney Frake
Jun 23, 2015
(Image credit: Ashley Poskin)

Even if you clean a lot, it's easy to neglect things in your home that are either too high up, difficult to reach, or just plain annoying to deal with. And then there are those things you don't even realize need a good scrubbing. Learn what's been accumulating dirt and grime for a good long while, and what most likely needs attention.

1. Overhead Light Fixtures: Bugs crawl all up in ceiling lights, not to mention the dust on chandeliers. Yet most are high up enough that they don't get a lot of attention.

2. Shower Curtains & Liners: Bathrooms are room-sized petri dishes for mold, yet who wants to unhook all those hooks and then take down the shower curtain?

3. Counter Crevices: Those gaps between appliances and countertops are black holes for crumbs and food bits.

4. Salt and Pepper Shakers: This is something I wouldn't have thought needed to happen in a million years. But it does.

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5. Remote Controls: You probably touch these devices all the time, which means a lot of fingerprints and oily residue.

6. House Plants: Indoor plants are great, but are the ultimate dust magnets.

7. Ceiling Fans: Like light fixtures, these are the things that dust tries to cling to, but ultimately gets flown about the room when the fan gets turned on.

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