PlanetReuse: Reclaimed Materials Resource

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Ever wanted to know how to find cool reclaimed materials for a project? Or maybe you have some extra building supplies that you’re looking to get rid of and Craigslist just won’t cut it? Well look no further, because we’ve found a great reclaimed material resource hub, PlanetReuse.

PlanetReuse is essentially a middle man for those looking for salvaged materials and those looking to get rid of materials. As soon as you know what item you need, just post a material request, and PlanetReuse will begin searching for them from their global list of providers, and will even try to get them within 250-500 miles from your location to limit the carbon footprint (and also help qualify for LEED credits). You can also search their listings of reclaimed materials &mdash there you’ll find tons of reclaimed lumber, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, old wooden bleachers, kitchen cabinets, furniture, insulation and even HVAC equipment.

At the time of this posting they had a lot of cool stuff (shown above from left to right):
1 Reclaimed Old Chicago brick
2 A Deconstructed Barn
3 Reclaimed Wood Bleacher Seats
4 Reclaimed Brick Pavers
5 1955’s Vintage Kitchen

Additionally, if you’re a building owner, PlanetReuse can be used as a deconstruction liason between you and your demolition company to design a plan to dismantle, repurpose and reuse as much as your building as possible. Because of PlanetReuse’s experience with reclaimed materials, they know what’s worth salvaging and what isn’t. They’ll then look to place these materials in new buildings or list them on their online database to get them in someone else’s home as soon as possible.

We could spend hours sifting through the online classifieds, however the one obvious thing that is missing from the website, are the prices! It’s a key item that’d be helpful in knowing…