Planning a Star Trek Themed Halloween Party

Planning a Star Trek Themed Halloween Party

Sean Rioux
Oct 5, 2012
As a kid, Halloween was always my favorite Holiday. The one day of the year wearing a mask in public and accepting candy from strangers is perfectly acceptable. It's been a few years since I've gone all out for Halloween (what with my having become an adult apparently), but this year some friends and I are planning a genius (read: extremely nerdy) get together: a Star Trek themed Halloween party.

I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said Star Trek: The Next Generation was the greatest sci-fi show to ever appear on television. Argue the fact if you must, but Farscape? Battlestar Galactica? Star Trek defined the genre, with Next Generation delivering by far the best cast. My personal favorite Riker, the lovely Deanna Troi, Worf, Picard, and of course Data and his adorable cat Spot — the TNG crew had it all.

If you're also a huge fan of Star Trek, and an kid at heart who simply must celebrate Halloween, then consider getting your friends together for a Star Trek themed Halloween party with these Star Trek party tips:


Whats a party without games? You don't become a popular nerd franchise without an equally nerdy selection of board games. For our party we've decided to dig up a couple of classics. Fans of TNG might remember this 1990's gem, Star Trek: The Next Generation Interactive VCR Board Game - A Klingon Challenge. Also a vintage 1990's TNG classic is How to Host a Mystery: Star Trek: The Next Generation. You can find both for sale on Amazon or eBay, a few still sealed inside the box.

Fans of both Star Trek and the uber popular board game Settlers of Catan will likely find this exciting: Star Trek: Catan. I was a bit disappointed that it focused on the original series mostly, but with any luck they will get wise and deliver a Next Generation edition at some point.


Growing up, we had a rule about Halloween and wearing purchased costumes; they simply weren't allowed. Halloween costumes absolutely had to be homemade. For our Halloween party the rule stands; we'll be getting together before the party to whip up some DIY TNG uniforms, but that doesn't mean you can't just go online and get a great Star Trek costume.

Fans of The Next Generation will likely all have their favorite character. My personal favorite Will Riker wears the red uniform of a Commander. Fans of Data or Geordie will want to pick this gold uniform. For the ladies, we've got a passable doctor Crusher (don't forget the blue lab coat), or if you're more of an Ensign Ro Laren, this red ladies' jump suit should fit nicely. Let's not forget Deanna Troi, who mostly just rocked the low cut one piece jump suits… but to help you out. here is a decent wig tutorial for getting the Troi look.

Of course, if for some odd reason you're more of a fan of classic Star Trek, or even worse Deep Space 9, there are costume options for you as well. This very mod classic gold mini dress uniform is pretty awesome, not to mention this adorable Spock costume for the kids.

Food and Drink

Foodie site Serious Eats offers a fan-tastic rundown of the food and drink of the Star Trek universe. Add some blue food coloring to some Vodka tonic (or use Blue Curacao) to make some Romulan Ale! Or serve spaghetti and call it Klingon Gagh (pretty much just live worms).

For some odd reason, past the 23rd century humans apparently listen to almost exclusively classical music. There is the themes and soundtracks to the movies and TV shows, and of course my man Riker does love his Jazz trombone. Otherwise, you might bring some Star Trek ambiance to your party with the background noise from the engine in Star Trek: TNG, or you might even consider learning some Klingon drinking songs. Or maybe just a playlist of normal music, including a couple of songs from William Snatner's extensive spoken word catalogue might be enough.

Halloween is great excuse to throw an elaborate party, and I can't wait for our Star Trek extravaganza. That said, if you're not a Star Trek fan, throw a theme party based on another show with an ensemble cast. Sure, we're not kids anymore, and we don't get to go door to door, but getting dressed up and acting weird for a night? That's the true meaning of Halloween!

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