Planning For An Emergency In Your Home

Planning For An Emergency In Your Home

Sarah Rae Smith
Jun 9, 2009

Planning for an emergency in your home isn't always something we want to think about, but is something we need to be prepared for. Have you taken time to look around your space and assess what you would do in a fire? An Earthquake? A Flood? An Intruder? Have you shared your plans with your family? Read on for a few tips including what's in our emergency box, just in case an emergency situation occurs!

In our own home we keep a plastic tub located near the front door that contains things we might need in a hurry. It helps cover us in times of need or those when time is of the essence!

In it, there's a first aid kit, clothes for children and adults, non-perishable snacks and bottled water, a few small toys and decks of cards, cell phone charger, small stash of cash (because we don't carry any and the power goes down more often than not in the Midwest sometimes!), important phone numbers, addresses and copies of important legal documents.

Now, it might sound like we're preparing for a Zombie apocalypse, but in all reality, we've had to rely on our emergency stash before and we couldn't have been more grateful for our diligent preparations. We know that if there's a fire or flood we can grab and go without looking back. If something like an ice storm or hail storm knocks out your power, there's enough to tide us over until it's restored.

There's tons of great resources out there aimed at getting you prepared for an emergency and even some checklists to walk you through the process.

It's never too late to bring your family together and make sure everyone is on the same page concerning safety procedures! You can even practice every 6 months so everyone stays current. It won't be as big of shock to your little ones as you might think as they will be running drills and listening to procedures at school for the same types of things!

Do you have a home emergency plan? Share with us in the comments below the things your family has gone over and planned for!

(Image: Flickr user JKleeman under the Creative Commons license)

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