Best Plant Containers for Small Spaces

updated Jul 4, 2019
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Going vertical isn’t just for organization, try using wall-mounted and hanging plant containers to create a garden in a small space like a deck or a balcony:

Using the walls and the spaces at eye level, you can create a garden in even the tiniest balcony or corner. Some of our favorite products to give you some ideas are:

Pictured above: Steckling Container works like a saddle on your balcony railing, straddling both sides and adding some simple modern design to an otherwise overlooked space.

This Vajon Plant Stand from Ikea has a small footprint of less than a foot but allows you 3 levels of plantings.

The ELT Easy Living Wall can be grown indoors or out, depending on the type of plants you use and can add a wall of green in even the smallest space. You can also choose between larger panels like the one show or smaller squares closer to the size of framed artwork.

Sprout Home carries this great Glossy Red Hanging Pot that would add some color to a balcony or a corner of the bedroom without taking up valuable floor space (just make sure you put it in a space that you won’t walk right into).

We spotted this Magnetic Wall Planter SystemBarbed Product. We haven’t been able to find the actual product though, does anyone have any leads? Also, this seems like a great DIY project using not-too-heavy containers and a metal bulletin board mounted to a wall, no?

The modern version of a Chia Pet, stack these Standing Grass Garden Frames, water them and watch them sprout.

043008_perch.jpgAn AT favorite, the Perch! Plant Orb is simple and streamlined and incredibly sweet. Line up a bunch or hang one on its own. (Consider using a pot rack to hang multiple hanging plants together.

Use a trellis like the Salvia Trellis from Ikea to trail plants up a wall. This way you can keep the plants in a narrow container on the ground or a table and allow the plants to climb instead of trail on the ground. There are some great flowering vines or even smaller plants like sweet peas that do great on a trellis. Use this with the Salvia flower box and hanging hardware for a ledge or outside a window.

It might not be the best looking container, but this topsy turvy container from Gaiam has gotten rave reviews and makes growing things on a balcony much easier.

This Hanging Wall Planter from Pottery Barn could be used inside or out to create a wall of green. Hang it where you need privacy and try planting something like bamboo to fill in the gaps and create a screen.