This Minimal, Plant-Filled Rental Supports a Healthier Mindset

updated Mar 21, 2019

This Minimal, Plant-Filled Rental Supports a Healthier Mindset

updated Mar 21, 2019
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Square feet
Sq ft

Name: Shiloh Enoki
Location: Echo Park — Los Angeles, California
Size: 800 square feet
Years lived in: 1 year, renting

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Shiloh has lived in Los Angeles for nearly five years in several configurations: She lived in the spare room of a model’s Hollywood Hills house, she rented the bottom floor of a first-time homeowner’s Silver Lake home, and now she lives in this one-bedroom apartment by herself. She and her ex-boyfriend moved into the space together, but things didn’t work out between the two, and he recently moved out. That breakup—along with the death of her stepfather who raised her—were two pivotal moments in 2018 for Shiloh. And after these two losses she had somewhat of an identity crisis and realized she wasn’t satisfied with the way she was conducting her life. “I was always hiding for some reason… I was just letting my life happen to me. I got sick of being passive and sad.”

After her ex moved out, one of her first steps was confronting the home they built together metaphorically, and also literally—for one, there were now empty spaces where he kept his things. She quickly saw this as an opportunity to fully inhabit the space as she wanted it. And her new life direction also warranted a name change: Shiloh’s former name was “Nicole.”

“At this time, I started meeting new people and introducing myself as Shiloh. I started acting like myself for the first time, I wasn’t hiding anymore… I was living alone for the first time and I blossomed into myself. I realized so many decisions I’d made in my life were based off men… my stepfather, boyfriends… I gained this independence. The name Shiloh is a place of peace—you can look it up, it literally means ‘peace.’ In the same vein, I was also forced to face my fear of caring what people thought,” she shares.

“I always liked the name Shiloh and I thought ‘f*ck this, I’m changing my name.’ The name Nicole was given to me and it never felt right anyway… people were laughing in my face… every day I faced criticism and this is what would have controlled the old me. But this whole experience taught me to not care. The only person I felt like I ‘asked’ was my mom. She didn’t believe me at first, but when she realized I was serious, she supported my decision.”

A disclaimer: I’ve known Shiloh since she was Nicole. I had a five-year stint living in Florida and I feel very fortunate I met Shiloh during that time. She’s one of my dearest friends and I’m proud to say she’s part of my chosen family. Thank you for your vulnerability and for sharing your story.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: Natural, bohemian, earthy.

Inspiration: Nature walks and travel.

Favorite Element: Plants.

Biggest Challenge: No washer/dryer.

What Friends Say: The moment my friends enter, they say they feel surrounded by warmth.

Biggest Embarrassment: Hmmm, none. I love and feel 100 percent comfortable in the space I created

Proudest DIY: Growing my avocado and lemon trees from seed.

Biggest Indulgence: Hmm I didn’t really splurge on any one thing, I got very lucky on Craigslist! But added up, I think I spent the most on all of the books on my shelf.

Best Advice: Don’t own a TV. Requires you to be more creative when you have friends over.


Elfa System Bookshelf — The Container Store
Loveseat — Craigslist purchase that was a family heirloom; She was moving out of L.A. to travel for a year and sold all her furniture
Rug — IKEA
Coffee Table — Article
Wild Mint Candle — The White Company
Plants — Monstera; Money Tree; Aloe Vera; Spider Plant; Pothos

JOKKMOKK Dining Room Table — IKEA

Wall Shelves — World Market
Bestia Cookbook — Amazon
Avocado Tree
Lemon Tree

Chandelier — IKEA
Philodendron xanadu

Organizer — IKEA

Thanks, Shiloh!

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