This Table Was Designed For Your Plant Babies

updated May 3, 2019
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(Image credit: Courtesy of WOO YOO)

Move over cup holders: plant holders are this year’s newest table accessory. No longer do plants need to placed on the floor or tucked away on a window sill, but front and center on their own specially designed space.

Created by the uber-talented Toronto design studio WOOYOO, the Pokopoko table makes it easy to give your favorite plant babies a seat at the table, according to Contemporist.

(Image credit: Courtesy of WOO YOO)

The designers wanted to create a table that took advantage of the empty flat space. With the goal of creating a piece to encourage a peaceful and serene environment, the table ensures not an inch of space is wasted. The small, raised rounds were strategically placed to take up space in spots that typically go unused in coffee tables. This ensures that every inch of the Pokopoko table has a purpose. As greenery becomes an increasingly more popular home element, this clever solution provides an easy home for your plant friends.

(Image credit: Courtesy of WOO YOO)

The thoughtful layout of this table is especially appealing for small spaces. When counter area is valuable and floor space can be limited, having a designated table for plants is sometimes the only option. The rounds snuggly hold the planters in place, which also prevents them from getting knocked over. There’s nothing sadder than having to sweep up the dirt from a tipped over ficus while rushing to replant it so the luscious greenery can stay alive.

With sizing specifically made with planters in mind, it’s beyond easy to add plants to the table. No additional planting, dirt, or hassle required! The sleek and efficient wooden design perfectly matches the vibe greenery brings into a space.

The table comes in three shapes and sizes: a small kidney bean shape, a circular table, and a larger kidney bean shaped table.