Redditors Are Taking ‘Family Portraits’ with Their Plants, and They’re Unbe-leaf-able

updated Jun 23, 2020
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Inviting all your friends over isn’t exactly an option these days. So when writer Rachel Syme shared on Twitter that people were posing with and taking photos of their “plant families,” we knew we had to check it out. Here are a few particularly great ones:

“I’m a little insecure about this picture of myself, but I really wanted to do a family photo and show you my [babies],” one one wrote. “Bf and I just moved in together 2 months ago, so the collection is still a little small!” 

“I heard we were doing family photos and wanted to show you guys my plant fam,” another user wrote. 

“Wanted a “family photo” with all my indoor plants for my birthday this year!” 

Rather than join in on the photos, some people just sat their furry friends with their collection of plants for a shot. “Hey! I’m buddy and I heard we’re doing family portraits,” captioned one photo, featuring a little terrier wearing a blue shirt posed in front of a collection of plants. 

Several children made cameos in the shots as well. “Happy monstera Monday!! My oldest wanted to show off Gertrude, our rehab deliciosa.” 

And even one child that hasn’t made its debut yet. “Family photo with my plant babies. About to have a human baby any day now!” 

“Some shots don’t even feature any humans (or animals, for that matter). “Officially been a plant mum for a year today so I thought I’d share my family with you!” 

And of course, there are plenty of humorous ones. “Asked my boyfriend to pose with some of our children for Father’s Day,” said one user, along with a shot of her boyfriend giving a sultry look to the camera surrounded by plants.  

“Happy fathers day future plant daddy! Lol family portrait!” 

“Is it too late for family photos? We’re just starting out and still adding to the family!”