Ditch the Terra Cotta and Try These Gorgeous Planters Instead

published May 14, 2019
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(Image Credit: Anthropologie )

Houseplants are a lot more than just plants. They are stylish home accents, effortlessly woven into chic shelfies, tabletop decor, and spaces in need of a burst of green. It’s more than okay to simply place a plant in a pot and display it in your home—but there are more creative ways to go about it.

Consider displaying your beloved houseplants in a decorative object that adds to your home’s visual appeal. Here are eight products that will transform your houseplant into a masterpiece.

(Image Credit: Urban Outfitters )

Today’s decor is all about rattan—and the material is beautifully represented in this oh-so-unique plant stand. With three panels, it’s a twist on a classic plant stand and the ideal way to add something green and pretty to that awkward corner.

(Image Credit: Etsy/WoodaHome )

Plants can also serve as wall art, and these hexagon hanging wall planters are just the creative jolt a blank wall needs. Sleek and modern, two of the painted wood hexagons come with small glass test tubes—perfect for showcasing mini bouquets and plants you’ve picked from your backyard.

(Image Credit: Anthropologie )

For a romantic detail to include on your tabletop, look no further than a bust-meets-planter, like this gorgeous option from Anthropologie. With a plant dropped in, it’ll look as if your Grecian goddess is wearing a leafy crown.

( Image Credit: West Elm)

Plant hangers have come a long way from their macramé days (although we still think macramé is cool!). To give your plant hanger a more contemporary vibe with decorative flair, choose a geometric hanging planter that’s guaranteed to be eye-catching.

5. Zinc Wall Planter, Starting at $38

( Image Credit: Anthropologie )

Treat your plants like the tiny works of art that they are and display them in a wall planter that can be hung indoors or out. Fill it with your favorite flora and make your plants the wall’s focal point. It’s also a completely outside-the-box way to grow a mini garden if you’re not currently feeling traditional planters.

(Image Credit: Afloral )

A basket is a unique (and also practical) place to care for an air plant or two. It’ll make for charming wall decor, plus it’s completely low-maintenance, which is a win-win. Choose one with a bohemian feel to create some natural-looking, free-spirited wall art.

7. Antek Planter, $104

(Image Credit: Lulu and Georgia )

If you’re a minimalism devotee, tons of houseplants might not be your style. Take it down a notch with a two-tier, simple-yet-sophisticated planter that works flawlessly as striking decor on any table.

(Image credit: Terrain )

Air plants don’t need a lot of fuss or fanfare, but if you want to give them a tiny dose of style, look to fresh and easy ways to display them, like this block of sustainable wood featuring a small piece of wire meant to hold an air plant. Work these blocks into a bookshelf or group several of them together on a table as an effortless centerpiece.

See—it really is easy being green when it comes to your home decor.