PlantTherapy: Kerry Quade’s Cut Flower 101

While at Root Stock & Quade the other week Kerry Quade also spoke about choosing flowers and starting off simple, as well as ‘the power of 3 (and 5…and 7)’. A little more encouragement for those of you who want to use cut flowers to bring color into your home…

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Here are a few tips from our conversation:

  • If you want flowers every week, make a budget.
  • Search out a vase that will work with your budget (smaller the vase, the less money to fill) and then your decor.
  • A vase with a narrower neck will take in less flowers and may be easier to arrange (and also more cost effective).
  • Stems or clusters in odd numbers can be easier to set into an arrangement. Think three callas instead of two or four…
  • In the beginning bringing your vase to the florist will help you plan out the correct amount of flowers to buy.
  • If you are new to arranging or unsure of your abilities, stick within a specific range of colors (greens and yellows in this example) when you plan your weekly arrangements.

    These rules can be broken, but are good bits of advice to tuck away when you are starting out and want to keep it manageable. As your skill level grows, so will your ability to bend these rules with success.

    Thank you again, Kerry!

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