PlantTherapy: Ranunculus

PlantTherapy: Ranunculus

Maxwell Ryan
Jan 29, 2007

Ranunculus on day five from the florist

With the lack of green at this time of year,how do you get your fix? I am drawn to the flowershops like a moth to the porchlight. When asking the florist for a flower that could withstand my evening of errands and being stuck in the gym locker, she recommended Ranunculus.

This is a cheery flower with a rose-like shape and vivid green stems that beg to be noticed as much as the blossoms. It is hard to believe this flower is related to the buttercups that we used to grab from the fields and rub under our chins when I was a child.

I bought Ranunculus because they were durable and the colors were bright - perfect to keep me company on a week of late nights at the desk. As the week progressed I was surprised at how these flowers revealed more subtleties in color and texture. In the end the petals had turned semi-transparent and silken, relaxing from the outer edges of the flower and taking on a softer tonal range. But the stems still held their shape and not one head drooped from exhaustion.

Everyone has different expectations from their flowers. When I am buying at the florist and paying more for a better flower I (like most everyone) hope that they will last. But more importantly I always hope that they age beautifully. I can sometimes enjoy a bouquet even more on the tenth day than I did on the first. Ranunculus was a perfect flower to watch this progression.

ranunculus after ten days


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