PlantTherapy: AT Plant Roundup

A roundup of plant and flower-related posts from the AT sites from the past week. This week there were dinosaurs lurking in the foliage, trees hiding in cans, flowers at the table, outdoor-inspired decor, and flower classes in Paris…

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The dinosaur terrariums, above, come from Ohdeedoh. Rooar!

AT:SF posted on a
simple kit to grow a tree, a great all-inclusive gift idea to teach someone the fun of growing a plant from seed.

Another AT:SF post this week discussed
how plants and pets can coexist. A few serious stories in the comments, it is absolutely worth investigating for the welfare of your pet.
AT:Europe brought us an idea of a floral design class as a way to learn something inherently Parisian on a visit to France.
AT:LA explored
CASA Korea for outdoor-themed interiors. The calligraphic tree over the bed is fantastic!
The Kitchn remind us that
fresh local flowers are BACK. And daffodils are one of the best deals around.

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