PlantTherapy: Old House Gardens as a Holiday Gift

A true broken tulip

Gorgeous heirloom bulbs. Full of character, color, and fragrance. Old House Gardens has unique varieties that any gardener with a small outdoor space would die for. The company was started by Scott Kunst, a 3-page flyer copied at Kinko’s and one antique tulip. Now he has a full staff and his offerings quickly sell out. He is already taking pre-orders for fall planted bulbs for 2008.

Their bulbs were originally grown to be in the garden, and many appear more wild than tame with their spontaneous markings and full fragrances. They stand in stark contrast to many modern varieties that are short on smell and their ability to come back yearly in order to deliver uniform color or large size. OHG only offers heirloom varieties and gives a list of reasons why.

An amaryllis hybrid variety dating back to 1799

Perfecta tulip variety from 1750

I think these would make a very thoughtful and precious gift. And the fact that their offerings are grown and adapted right here by U.S. farmers is also a huge plus.

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All photos from the Old House Gardens website