PlantTherapy: Cupid’s Automatic

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

(Flowers at Dean & Deluca)

Like the wafting aroma of a good bakery’s bread, the presence of flowers peeking out from grocery bags and under jacket sleeves brings with it a good vibe. In the busy times of the year it feels like I don’t really have time to go into a florist and orchestrate a bouquet, and I find myself running into local grocery stores to get the ready-made combo.

Dean & Deluca has to be one of my favorites (Wholefoods had some gorgeous monochromatic green bouquets this past week, too). Their flowers arrive chilled and tight. Even though you can get two dozen at the deli for the price of Dean & Deluca‘s dozen roses ($13.00), you can always count on the quality.

I have had roses last two weeks and they always open beautifully.

Their mixed bouquets this week had combinations of buttery yellow, ivory, cream, and light peach roses. Their combination of supporting flowers are always beautiful and the color combinations subtle – and you can buy them separately if you want. They had groups of yarrow, sweet William, oriental lily, craspedia, and something called ‘blue perum’, which looks to be something out of the nasturtium family. For a total of $23.00, a dozen pink roses and blue perum would be a knockout combination.

Right now they have peonies, which come from Holland at $6.00 per stem and look like beds of soft down feathers (I would wait a few months and you can get the local ones for much less, though). Their carmine red and yellow parrot tulips were also beautiful, straight out of a botanical illustration.

For those of you on-the-go people, where do you find the best ready-made bouquets in the city?

The NYBG Orchid show coming up –it’s worth the trip!:

– Matt N.