PlantTherapy: Enjoying The Single Stem

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Talking with the ladies at Century Florist the other week brought up an interesting topic: plant fashion. In their many years of business they have seen many styles come and go. In asking what the style of today is, they agreed that flowers that can stand on their own, rather than in a cluster, seem to be popular now. And as the fashion changes, flowers that are in vogue this year may be bumped out in the next year by something else. It is subtle, but not too unlike the change in our furniture tastes.

The younger generation likes having one flower in a vase. Years ago no one would have imagined that curling bamboo stalks would be so popular, or that a single orchid bough would suffice.

I also admit to enjoying a single stem. Right now I have three dahlias in a vase looking over my shoulder as I write. Their three blossoms are bowed in agreement; there is a contemplative power to this style of arrangement.