PlantTherapy: Icy Beauty

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

photo courtesy of Pam Penick at Digging

Mother Nature also pulled out some special paintbrushes during January to create something fleeting, mesmerizing…and bittersweet.

A cold snap whipped through parts of the United states during the middle of January, bringing on ice storms. Plants and trees that had begun to stir in the unseasonably warm weather were stopped in their tracks and many found themselves with limbs and blossoms encased in ice…

This severe weather missed NYC (although it has begun getting colder recently). But on the web captivating shots of these buds and branches surrounded in ice have been appearing in photo albums. They also represent damage to many gardens and a ripple effect that we will eventually feel – the frozen Cal. citrus being just one example, as our orange prices go up at the fruit stand.

The picture above came from a blog created by an Austin gardener, Pam Penick, who has posted a series of photos from the ice that hit her garden (the photo is hyperlinked to that blog entry). Her blog is worth visiting even when the ice isn’t around~you can view six years of her hard work in the garden.

Garden Djinn is another blog, based out of Michigan that has posted a pic of an unfortunate quince blossom and more links to icey pictures.

And of course there is Flickr – and PBase(searching ‘ice’ and ‘flowers’ and ‘Texas’):

photo from watjacobson via Flickr

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