PlantTherapy: In Honor of the Smallest, Coolest

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

small flowerboxes at Polux Fleuriste on Mott

Simple is beautiful. Last weekend I was walking by Polux Fleuriste as they were putting these tiny flowerboxes outside…

Polux is using cute wooden cheese boxes which are tiny enough for any windowsill, dresser or tabletop. In each one there were either hyacinths, with their bulbs exposed like white radishes, or pansies and violas. These are simple to assemble and make a beautiful colorful statement.

Polux Fleuriste
248 Mott, NY NY 10012

The shop itself is a very small, cool space as well. The plastered walls catch the afternoon sunlight and the flowers are mostly arranged in containers along the floor. I found myself crouching down to examine them, which felt more like a visit to someone’s garden. In addition they did have beautiful garden-style flowers, like hellebores, snakes-head fritillaria and a large container of grape hyacinths that looked as if they were a mountain of wild grapes. The poppies had the color and feel of fresh linens with their indigo centers, almost black, making the white stand out even more.

The color selection was kept towards white and violet, which allows for most of the flowers to coordinate freely through color, letting their vast shape and texture differences mingle. I felt that Polux’s small size helped me appreciate their little vignettes and get up close to find the little surprises that are hidden throughout the shop. This is a very cute place, and one that makes you want to recreate the feeling in your own apartment.

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