PlantTherapy: A Stop In at Logee’s Greenhouse

Byron explains Logee’s ‘roots'(video is 3 minutes long)

Logee’s is a greenhouse collection that has been put together by three generations of the Logee-Martin family. Many have become familiar with Logee’s through buying their plants on the internet, but the actual greenhouse where the plants originate, begun in 1892 in Danielson, CT, is a very special place to visit and be inspired.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Click here for a slideshow visit to Logee’s

I posted a small bit two years ago when we stopped, but had a chance to go again this past weekend for a longer visit. The current owner, Byron, generously showed me around the greenhousess that were started by his grandfather, who was a trained rose grower and used the space for that purpose.

Byron delights in finding new and fascinating plants (more on that later), and his collection at Logee’s is anything but conventional. Over the next week I will be putting up posts on ideas from the video and photos I took from this fun and inspiring trip and hope that it inspires some of you as you think about decorating your home (or your home away from home).

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