PlantTherapy: Mother's Day Blooms

PlantTherapy: Mother's Day Blooms

Maxwell Ryan
May 19, 2006

Mother's day is the magic day for planting and also buying flowers. This year it was perfect because of the rain that had softened the ground. It then let up just enough for planting on Sunday before it started again in the evening. Perfect!

In a recent survey (I think it was O Magazine) an overwhelming majority of mothers, more than 90 percent, receive flowers on Mother's Day. However almost no mother, when asked what they wanted on Mother's Day, listed flowers as their first choice. I think the better question would have been how many mothers, even if they did not want flowers, still were happy to get them. Flowers have come to be a symbol for Mother's Day and what mothers represent.

Fathers do not end up with many flowers...why not?

I ended up planting a rose bush on Sunday, a variety called 'About Face'. The world of rose varieties is overwhelming. I tend to go on appearance, then hardiness, which is how I chose this one. I like the peach and coral combination and the shape of the petals, which end in a point. They resemble lotus petals. The squirrels also love their aroma and taste. I have lost a few of the flowers to them within the past few days.

As I ran through the LES on Sunday afternoon, all of the corner deli florists on 2nd avenue were busy with lines of people in desperate need of flowers for their mothers. I stopped and took a few pictures at Sunny's which is around 6th street and 2nd.

Sunny's sophistication of color beats out other corner shops - the workers wear shades of blue that are offset by the warm oranges of the stand. They even have French doors that frame their cutting station. The containers of wheat grass out front also looked delicious in front of the orange. But what made me take notice was the line of tough guys all waiting to get bouquets.

This is a once a year opportunity. No matter how big and tough you may grow, you are still someone's little baby.

- Matt N.

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