PlantTherapy: MS Living Makes Vermicompost Sexy

PlantTherapy: MS Living Makes Vermicompost Sexy

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 17, 2007

Now that Martha has soft-lit romantic pictures of worms and compost bins, is it possible that the idea might catch on? Many people still have to get over the idea of 'yucky worms' and the misconception that compost really stinks. This article has a trouble-shooting chart and, of course, a pictorial how-to for making your own under the counter compost bin...

The article is a good primer on starting your own, and is accompanied by resources in the back for further reading and online resources. One book not listed is The Earth Moved,by Amy Stewart, which will also help you to love and be fascinated by worms.

Other highlights from the issue:

Spring is in the air - at least it is between the pages of most March garden magazines. MS Living also beckons spring with a special issue for the coming season:

Alliums (on the cover)
These ornamental relatives of onions and garlic are freeze-frame fireworks for your garden. Most enjoy sun, but there are varieties that will do well in shade. The photos are enough to entice you to plant a few in the fall. If you don't, you can always visit the stunning alliums that come out in the NYBG perennial garden.

Spring Ephemerals, Native Beauty

An article showing a wider variety of native spring plants, our traditional harbingers of spring. The photos are precious. As the article states, we have to go to a botanical garden to see many of these varieties nowadays. Wild columbine, yellow wood anemone, bloodroot, and squirrel corn are among some of the varieties mentioned.

For a complete listing of articles, visit this link.

photo credits: Marcus Nilsson (vermicompost), Kristine Foley (cover), Andreas Trauttmansdorff (spring ephemerals)

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