PlantTherapy: Natural Solution

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

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Weeds become invincible when they grow through cement cracks. Flame weeders are used as a non-chemical solution, but may not be practical (or safe) for those of us with a tiny outdoor space in the city.

I have read of homemade vinegar solutions, and there are a number of natural products on the market. But I was interested in one solution submitted to Organic Gardening’s May issue, suggesting ditching the flame and going for boiling water.

Using a teakettle of boiing water on these weeds does the same thing as the flame: it kills the top of the plant with heat. Some stronger weeds may take a few applications but, according to OG, it always works.

I prefer a simple, safe non-chemical solution any day of the week. And as long as I can get the teakettle outside without any burns I plan on trying this method on a few areas where my hands aren’t strong enough. As safe transport I plan on putting towels in a bucket and placing the teakettle within the towels to insulate it for safe transport.

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