PlantTherapy: Saturday Morning Lady's Slippers

PlantTherapy: Saturday Morning Lady's Slippers

Feb 2, 2008

My flower budget this week only stretched as far as buying two stems. But they were a great two stems - these two lady's slipper orchids. I had them in a glass near my desk all week, and put a few begonia leaves from my plant with them, since their red tones matched so well.

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These orchids are the type of fower that I love. They have a shape that I never get tired of looking at. And although they have a high impact, they have many subtle qualities. I love the stems, which are a furry deep purple, almost like velvet. Everyone who came to visit me had to stop and comment on these flowers. The air at home and at the office is so dry that these guys required a fair bit of daily misting, which helped them last the entire week. Misting always makes the flowers look liked they were just picked! Having these last from Monday to Friday is a real accomplishment in this season. My apartment is currently so dry and hot that most cut flowers do not hold up well.

As a treat, and a purchase from my weekly 'flower budget', these were justifiable at $9 per stem. I feel like it is a fair trade for how long it took to grow this flower and harvest it from the plant. You can also buy a plant online from about $60 with shipping and the blossoms can last about a month on a Paphiopedalum (which is what I think these were). So this may also be an option - but would deplete my flower budget for a few weeks. And right now I like choosing something new every week.

It's hard to keep from overspending when it comes to buying flowers. Every week at the flower shop I agonize over what to get, knowing that the $20-25 is not much to spend as far as NY florists are concerned. But for me it represents an exchange - not eating out or cutting back on buying coffee - to have a different luxury.

This week I sacrificed volume for choosing something precious and it was still fulfilling. And I can't wait to see what the flower shops have in store for next week.

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