PlantTherapy: Saturday Morning Flowers

PlantTherapy: Saturday Morning Flowers

Sep 27, 2008

AT is wrapping up pet month, so could not resist posting these photos and story I received this past week from Heliconia:

"I was inspired by Apartment Therapy's beautiful pictures of fresh flowers and decided to try it. All of us (the cat, my husband, and I) really enjoyed them.

However, the cat enjoyed them the most..."

Has your pet ever taken your flowers to the mat?

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"He nibbled. He dragged the flowers out of the vase leaving a trail of water. He dipped his paws in the water and shook them, leaving spatter marks on the table and walls.

So I went to plan B-- potpourri."

"Yes, he liked that too. He played with it but that we could put up with since it was dry."

"We never dreamed, however, that he would knock the entire bowl off the table. At midnight. I didn't take pictures of the devastation, sorry.

So, is there a plan C?"

Our cats are very well trained, but they also cannot resist temptation sometimes. For their health, and to keep vases from getting broken, we have a safe place to put our flowers for when we leave. Our flowers are never too grand to fit in that spot, and that has worked for us.

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