PlantTherapy: Where Plants Rule the Home

While most of us try to find a plant that will be just right for our apartments, one man on the UWS has been making sure his apartment is just right for the plants.

This recent Horticulture Magazine article spotlights Michael Riley’s desire to turn a floor of his home into a habitat for epiphytes and tropical plants, complete with cork bark walls, tiled floors and sprinkler systems.

The closest most of us will come to this is a small terrarium or cloche – it is doubtful any landlord would let us go to the extent that Mr. Riley has gone to:

Michael’s apartment is a carefully choreographed ecosystem that relies on cork bark, artificial and natural light, and overhead sprinklers. Two in-floor pools provide extra humidity. The tile floor makes watering, with its inevitable spills and drips, stress free.

I suppose it helps that he owns the building.

Sometimes you never know what the neighbor to the left or right of you is up to, for better or worse, and I am always fascinated by articles that show what is going on within someone else’s four walls.

The article details how he became interested, the constrction of his plant floor, and the types of plants and care they need. The online article has small images, but take a look at the print article if you see the October/November issue on the stands.

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