PlantTherapy: Trina from Silver Heights Farm

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A certain amount of error is always involved when learning to care for plants. You can search high and low for the right additive to make your plants grow, but a knowledgeable and experienced person is always the best resource.

The other Saturday I visited the Greenmarket at Union Square. To me, this is the most abundant season to visit – I passed rows of succulents, a stand with wheat grass my cats would die for (and then spit up on my carpet) and then on to the Southwest area of the market.

There I visited with Trina, who runs Silver Heights Farm, and has a stand on Saturdays filled with edible plants like nasturtiums, red shiso, bee balm, varieties of basil and peppers – the list is long. I couldn’t be any luckier.

Trina understands trial and error well. Week after week she brings hearty herbs and garden plants along to the market, which are the product of years of her own study and perseverance. She let me know that the failures are learning experiences.

It is in this spirit that she trades stories, offers advice and encourages the visitors at her stand. She continually studies city gardening to understand the unique challenges it poses – she can easily suggest hearty plants that may grow in your apartment.

Before you strike gold, and find the varieties that love what your space has to offer, there may be a long road to travel with many casualties. But that’s okay – another good excuse to go shopping and try again. Even with the cost of trying again, it is a far cheaper habit than others – and one my wife endorses.

Keep trying. MN

Silver Heights Farm
Trina Pilonero
216 Eggler Rd.
Jeffersonville, NY 12748