Plasti Dip Spray Paint&hellip In the Wild

Plasti Dip Spray Paint&hellip In the Wild

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 18, 2010

My passion for Plastic-Dip has been very well documented in the past, but until now, I'd only seen it in the small paint cans. I knew a spray paint existed, but since we had never actually viewed it in person, it was my long lost unicorn — until yesterday that is!

In theory Plasti Dip was created to dip the handles of your tools in to create a solid grip while working. We've since adapted the product for many craft uses, but more often than not, we don't always have things that are exactly easy to dip. You either have to have something that fit in the opening of the can, or spent your time painting it on or pouring it all into a larger bowl. Either way the results were the same — messy!

I knew a spray paint version existed and each time I head into a home improvement store my eyes casually scan the paint department, already primed for the let down of it not being there. But on a rogue trip to Home Depot last night, I spotted the unicorn in the wild! The wild!

I've already tested it out on a few things (results to come later as they're still drying... stupid humidity) but we have to say we've been impressed. I was at first worried that the product would clog the nozzle, but it hasn't and I was also concerned that it would be heavy when it hit the object being painted with it and drip like crazy and it doesn't.

I'm oh so glad my unicorn turned out to be exactly as I had hoped and I'll do my best not to go overboard with it. There's just so many products in so little time: chandeliers, doorstops, ceramic ducks from the thrift store, pillows (that's right, it can be used on fabric!), the back side of a rug.... who knows where it will take us!

What would you plasti-paint if given the chance? Let us know in the comments below!

Image: Sarah Rae Trover

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