Playing with Scale

Playing with Scale

If you want a quick way to inject some whimsy or humor into your home, think about playing with scale. Oversized everyday items are a conversation starter.

Altering the scale of familiar items always sparks a reaction. When people's preconceived notions are challenged, they become disoriented and are forced to reprocess their initial evaluation of their environment. At first this is unsettling. Then, once they understand what they're seeing, people tend to to enjoy rediscovering these familiar items. It elicits a child-like novelty, which at the very least will cause a smile.

1. Angelpoise released this giant lamp as a limited edition piece in celebration of their 70th anniversary. It became iconic almost instantly.

2. These scissors are a new item at Graham and Green. While I'm sure they're perfectly safe, there is something kind of frightening about those large blades lurking in the background of this happy pink interior. Anyone who has ever seen the movie Dead Again knows what I mean.

3. These large foam filled threads, by Dutch designer Bauke Knottnerus, actually serve as comfy furniture. The gray braid on the right is a sofa while the yellow crochet piece is a coffee table!

4. Philip Stark's oversized mirror illustrates that while playing with scale is often comical, it doesn't have to be ridiculous. In fact, a grand scale can be breathtakingly elegant.

5. This working watch desk, by Lee J. Rowland, is perfect for a power player looking to intimidate his opponent.

Images: 1. Gearfuse: Attack of the Giant Lamp 2. Graham and Green: Oversized Aluminum Scissors 3. Today and Tomorrow: Phat Knits 4. Leigh Harmer: Caadre Mirror by Philippe Starck 5. Luxury Launch: Lee J Rowland

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