PlayStation Controller Coffee Table

This DIY Playstation Controller Coffee Table was made by an Australian high school student as his final Year 12 project. Quite fantastic, considering our memories of the typical high school woodshop creation. We’d rank this game room ready creation right up there with the Millennium Falcon Bed as our favourite DIY geek-furnishing creation.

Mark describes his gamer’s themed project which took him 20 weeks to complete:

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
I made the Playstation controller coffee table for my year 12 major work, as an Industrial Technology project. I made the whole controller out of Plywood, MDF and Veneer on Veneer. I used the MDF for the R and L legs and the Veneer on Veneer for the 2 analogue joysticks as the 6mm Bendy Plywood wouldn’t bend around such a small diameter. To bend around the Handles I used 6mm Bendy Plywood. To give the finish of the playstation controller coffee table I used polyurethane full gloss finish. I used White gloss for the whole controller and the Black gloss for the Buttons.