Pleygo: Netflix for Lego

Pleygo: Netflix for Lego

Beth Callaghan
May 22, 2013

Yes, you read that right. Netflix for LEGO. I swear, we must have at least 10,000 Lego in our house. Wait, maybe 20,000. The desire for new sets never ends, but of course, the old sets are still around. Enter Pleygo, where you can rent Lego sets and then return them for new ones. Would you consider it?

As far as we can tell, Pleygo has thought of pretty much everything. Sets are sanitized after they are returned, and there are no fees for "normal loss," so no worries about losing that one tiny 1 x 1 tile. Shipping is free, and if you decide that you must own the Viking Catapault and Nidhogg Dragon set, you can pay for it on your account page, keep it, and get the next set in your queue mailed out.

If you already have an inventory of Lego, this service might be a good solution. I might worry, though, about mixing up my sets and the Pleygo sets; I cringe at the idea of sorting out all the bricks that need to be sent back. For those new to Lego, the one-set-at-a-time policy might prove too limiting. My kids are constantly mixing their sets up, making Voldemort fight Han Solo or attaching a Chima head to a Ninjago body, which is part of the fun of Lego.

So, would you subscribe? Is renting Lego sets the next big thing? Let us know in the comments.

More Info: Pleygo

(Image: Flickr user sean dreilinger licensed under Creative Commons)

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