Plugging In: A New Lease on Life – Got Cable?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The area we’re moving to has only one cable internet provider: Comcast. But just because there’s only one doesn’t mean we want to–or have to–buy through them. In the past, when Comcast wanted to charge us $60 just to hook up to the internet because we didn’t want to “bundle” other services we don’t need or want, we found that Earthlink was offering the same service for only $45–and it was still Comcast that provided the service. So we began researching our options…check out what we found and how we decided to skip the money back offer from one site after the jump.

Have you saved money through a cable reseller? Are you a cable reseller? Let us know any tricks that have worked for you in the comments!

As many options and resellers as we could possibly explore, we did. A first, quick search of Comcast resellers netted a couple of options. One sounded great, but really too good to be true. That one offered a free modem and cash back that was over $100 for signing up with them. The deal was sealed as being too good to be true when we found reviews like these over on Xomreview:

“I submitted all the paper work, waited…nothing. Called them, e-mailed them…they always gave me some delay (such as the only person who can fix it is out sick). I reported it to the BBB, but never responded to the BBB’s inquiry. I wish I had checked the BBB’s report on before signing up!”

Which makes for our next recommendation: Check out the Better Business Bureau’s reports by going to their USA-wide site and searching the name of the reseller.

In the process of our search, we also came across a question on MetaFilter about the legitamecy of Comcast resellers–and that’s our next recommendation: don’t limit your search to review sites.

Then we tried to find something cheaper than the $60 a month for cable internet, to no avail. The only “deal” in our area is one that Comcast offers itself: $33 internet when you get cable for $33. So we still went through a reseller that offered the same price because we still don’t want to see Comcast win all of our money, but we ended up having to set up the service through Comcast as it turned out.