Plumen: The World’s First Designer Low Energy Light Bulb

This incredible new invention takes an aesthetic approach to the energy-efficient compact fluorescent lightbulb. Like with a bird’s plume feather, Plumen attracts attention to advertise its superior design.

I had the pleasure of meeting Plumen deisgner Nicolas Roope over the summer at Semi-Permanent New Zealand, where he gave a fascinating talk about creative applications for interactive media.

This newest idea addresses the pros and cons of the energy efficient bulb options currently out there on the market. We love CFLs for their ability to use only 20% of the energy that incandescents require, lowering our electric bills and putting less strain on the environment. And because CFLs last ten times longer than a traditional bulb, they put less waste into landfills, too.

Many people still prefer incandescents because when the bulbs themselves are exposed their shapes are simpler and less jarring to the eye, and they are also thought to give off a warmer quality of light. Plumen aims to address these issues with a glass tube design that is a piece of art in and of itself, and by sharing creative accessorizing and positioning techniques to make the bulbs work in any space.

The bulbs will be available in 110V options for the U.S. sometime early next year. Because it is a new product, a large order before that time could potentially speed up the production process, so be in touch with Hulger if you have a need. We simply cannot wait to get these into our homes!

For more information, please visit: Plumen.