Plumo: Global Finds Online

Headquartered in London, Plumo is a 14-year-old company that has built its business on fashion, but also specializes in distinct home decor. The aesthetic is laid back, eclectic, and culled from global excursions to artisan co-ops in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Even if you’re not interested in ordering from an overseas site, the webshop is worth a peek for its smart styling. Check out the photo groupings of textiles, vases, and carved wooden stools for ideas on how to get a similar well-traveled look at home.

Plumo ships internationally — European shipping costs are listed online, while intercontinental orders require a brief wait period to determine shipping estimates, which are then emailed to the customer for approval. Pricing ranges from $20 for tabletop to upwards of $600 for case pieces.

Fringed Green Blanket, $339
Algerian Glassware, $28 – $31
Rope Cushions, $152
Metal Tables, $277
Glass Storage Jars, $51 – $59
Sisal Baskets, $138
Pumpkin Pouffe, $323
Narcissus Vases, $76
Large Teak Commode, $615
Driftwood Stool, $209